My Poems

Welcome to my poems page. All of these poems were written by me, and I would like to ask that you not take them. THANKS!

Chipping of My Heart

The gentle knocking of the chisel to my heart,
Brings such pain,
And the deep feeling of insecurity.

At one time,
I felt as if you were a prince arriving,
Knocking at the door to my heart.
Only to find,
That you not only tore that door down,
But also broke my heart into.
The chipping brings back fond memories,
That you tear down in denial.

How could I have loved such a monster?
How could I have been so senseless?

I fell to the deepness of your inmost private thoughts,
Only to be found as childish memory games.

I trusted you with all of my chipped heart.
But now,
There is nothing left but broken glass,
Shattered into the night.

Let Go

I lie awake at night, and remember what you use to be like.
Kind and careless,
As if you were a gentle breeze whispering in the wind.
I wonder if you ever realized how much I liked you,
Or if you ever felt the way I did.

Itís your eyes that draw me in.
My memories of you Iíll remember forever.
I need to forget,
I need to walk away.

I feel so low.
I canít go on this way,
But I canít let go.

Thereís nothing I wouldnít do,
To go back to when youíd look at me the way you use to.
Now thereís hardly a glance my way.
I wish you would talk and stay.

You have such beautiful eyes,
And a lifetime full of mysteries.
I look out the window at places we use to talk;
The memories hurt so much I just want to stop.

Itís your eyes that draw me in,
My memories of you Iíll remember forever.
I need to forget,
I need to walk away.
I feel so low.
I canít go on this way.
But I canít let go.

It doesnít matter how hard I try,
Or how much I want to move on.
I canít let go.
I canít forget about you,
I want to leave everything behind,
But I just canít let go.


The plainness of your soul,
Seem to hunt me down.

It turns around every corner,
Left and right,
To attack this innocent solitary maiden.

My heart screams!
But somehow,
It seems to track me down,
Like a stalker.

I do not want to go back to those days,
Of lost nature,
And fear of being alone.
I am left to the unsatisfaction of my heart.

All due to that plain soul.

Useless Days

All of the mindless games that we used to play,
Are no longer any use.
The have led me astray,
To wait on the useless days.

At one time,
You showed your affection.
Now, you only sit and ponder,
Upon anotherís heart in which you can break.

The foolishness of your useless body,
Only attracts me more,
Like the force of a magnet.

I used to love,
And I used to care.
I used to have emotion,
But you have ripped it all out of my heart.

These useless days.


Rolling thunder and rage,
Yet foolish and painful.

I had dreamed once of a beautiful relationship.
Just to find that you tore that dream apart,
As if you were a furious beast.

I loved you.
You just had to hurt me,
Didnít you?

Even though I still care,
I try to forget you,
Get you out of my mind.
You always seem to creep back in,
Like cold air through the door.

You left me to believe that I was helpless without you.
Am I?
Can I live without you?

Lurking in the Darkness

I can feel the faint hush of your breath,
Slowly moving down my back.
It reaches to a certain point and finally stops.

I wake up to realize that it was all a dream.
Such definition could have never been so real.

The room is cold as ice,
But I can only feel you lying beside me.

I turn to see,
But there is nothing there,
The sweet serenity lurks in the darkness.

Strangerís Eyes

I am a stranger,
With strangerís eyes.

Nobody knows me.
They think they do,
And they think that they like me,
Or they think that they dislike me.
How are they to know?
If they only look into a strangerís eyes.

The soft blue in the inner eye,
Slowly fades to gray,
Like the darkness of the night,
Into the horizon.
A strangerís eyes.

Look a little closer,
You might find that there is more to this.
Like sadness, and tears.

How do you know if you arenít looking into a strangerís eyes?
You might be looking in the mirror,
And discover yourself,
Whether it is good, or bad.

A little innocence,
Within the deep, heartbroken soul.

This is me.

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