Want to adopt a CyberPet?

Welcome to my cyberpets page! I hope that you find a pet that you want to take to your little place on the web. THANKS!

But first...

There are a couple of requirements:

1. You MUST have a webpage!!!
2. You have to sign my guestbook.
3. You have to link it back to this page.
4. You have to display it with pride.
5. You can only take 2 per page.

These are the only rules! Please don't steal them! Contact me thru the form at the bottom of the page, and i'll be happy to give you one. ENJOY!!!

These are the one's you have to choose from:

Right click on the image and go to "save as" to save the image. Then simply fill out the form and be on your way! Please place the button at the bottom of the page beside of your cyberpet.

What is your name?

E-mail address?

Title of site?

What is the address of your site?

Which pet do you want?

Don't forget to place this onto your page!!!

Where do you want to go next?